You're in control.
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you're in control
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you're in control

Your data. Your clients. Your business.
With etouch4 you're in control.
You choose.
etouch4 in your office or your own Google cloud server.
Your server, your data.
You choose.
Never shared.
You're in control. 


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You're in control.



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You're in control.


You're in control.


You're in control.

Don't want to manage or own IT infrastructure?

Intermittent power failures?

Slow internet?

Talk to us about setting up your own cloud server using Google's Cloud Computing service. 

Don't worry. You're in control, your data, your clients, your (Google) server.




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  • Quotes: I have common types of quotes. Is it possible to create templates?

    Yes. Although etouch4 templates are not the same as the templates you use in Microsoft Office or Libre Office.

    You are able to create many preset templates to reduce the amount of time it takes to generate a quote.

  • Quotes: If I change a quote is it possible to review previous revisions?

    Yes. etouch4 keeps every quote revision.

  • Quotes: Is it possible to create a service call/job from a quote?

    Yes. Service Calls/Jobs, Customer Orders and Invoices are created at the click of a button.

  • Quote: How do I send a quote?

    You have a choice. You are able to print a quote and post it/hand it to the client or you can email the quote. It's possible to email the quote to multiple recipients.

  • Quote: My supplier gave me a special deal, is it possible to store that information with the quote?

    Yes. Supplier documents can be stored with quote.

  • Quote: I need to send documents such as drawings and specifications with quote. Is this possible?

    Yes. You are able to attach as many documents as required and they will be emailed with the quote to the client.


  • Installation : Can I install etouch4 myself?

    Yes, you will need a good understanding of port forwarding and networking to do this in addition, you will need to know how to change the windows firewall.

    If you have an IT professional, we will provide them with the necessary configuration information and work with them to ensure that your configuration works correctly.

  • Windows : What versions of Microsoft Windows do you support?

    Desktop : Windows 7 or greater

    Tablet : Windows 8.1 or greater

    Server : Windows 2012R2 or greater 

    Talk to us if you're unsure.

    Windows 10

    Note that if you're using Windows 10 that we recommed that you install the Professional or Enterprise editions.

    etouch4 will NOT work with Windows S or Windows RT

  • Computer: How powerful does my server need to be?

    It depends on the number of users you will have accessing etouch4. We recommend at least a dual core processor and a minimum of 3GB (32 bit Windows) and 4GB (64 bit Windows)

    Talk to us if you're unsure.

  • PHONE Module/s: What phones can access the etouch4 phone modules?

    Any smartphone that has an internet connection and a browser. We've tested etouch4 Phone using Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. 

  • USERS: Do all users have to have the same model of phone or computer?

    No. Your staff can choose their own phones as long as they can support an internet connection and browser.

    For the etouch4 back office module your staff will need Windows 7 or greater.

  • CLOUD: Is there an etouch4 version for the cloud?

    Sort of. It is possible to host etouch4 OE on a service such as Google's Compute Engine cloud platform. 

    We use Terminal Services Plus on top of Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 or later to deliver a "cloud solution".

    Talk to us if you need a hosted solution.

  • PRINTERS: What printers do I need?

    If you have the etouch4 BE version you will need a Brother printer installed on your network.

    If you have etouch4 OE then any printer recognised by Microsoft Windows will work.

  • PRINTERS: What printer do you recommend for on the road?

    We recommend one of the Brother International mobile range of printers such as the PJ-773.

    These printers will work with Android, iPhone and Windows.

  • HOSTING: Do you offer hosting services?

    No. We can assist you (or your IT professional) if you require a hosted solution.

    We have experience with using Google's Compute Engine with hosting.

  • Why Brother?

    Over the years there we've discovered that the most reliable printers are those manufacturered by Brother International.

    To us they have made a substantial difference. Less issues and expense for clients. Less issues for us.

  • Training

    How much training do you provide?

    The amount of  training provided will depend on the number of users you have using etouch4.

    We'll assess you needs prior to installation.

  • Existing Infrastructure

    I have an existing server. Is it possible to install etouch4 on this?

    Yes. As long as the server uses Microsoft Windows 2008 r2 or later.

    The professional versions of Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 may also be used as data servers depending on the number of users.

  • Does etouch4 allow me to use SSL to keep my data secure?

    Yes. We consider it essential that you have an SSL certificate for the etouch4 Phone Module. SSL Certificates are fairly inexpensive for the security they provide.

    We are able to source and install SSL certificates to use with etouch4.

    Depending on your infrastructure set up we may need to supply multiple SSL certificates. 

  • More on SSL certificates.

    With the phone module of etouch4 we provide what's known as a redirect to allow you and your staff to easily remember the connection information to your etouch4 server. As an example your internet connection will have an IP4 address - usually the address will look something - we will provide you with an easy to remember url. If your business was called Joe Blow's Plumbing we might allocate to you. This will be set up to automatically redirect you to your server.

  • Is it possible for the etouch4 Data Service and etouch4 Phone service to be on different physical servers?

    Yes. We set up the connection between the two servers to run in an encrypted SSL channel. This is done automatically on installation even when the two services are on the same physical server.